GB Technique: Triangle Wizardry with Prof. Vanessa Waltz

This week we are going to look at some Advanced triangle variations with Prof. Vanessa Waltz from GB Colorado Springs.
Most GB students have a few different entries and variations in their tool kit…but in this week’s GB Technique, Prof. Vanessa takes us to a whole other level of triangle wizardry!
Let’s check out some Advanced triangle setups with Prof. Vanessa.
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1 – Posture breaks in closed guard
One of the most common mistakes BJJ students make from closed guard is attempting a submission when their opponent is in a strong posture. The first step before attacking with a triangle is to break the opponent’s posture and Prof. Vanessa shows how

2 – Reverse triangle from closed guard
Prof. Vanessa shows the traditional armbar to triangle combination and adds the lesser-known reverse triangle where you are triangling your legs the “wrong way”. Prof. Vanessa shows a ton of options from this position!

3 – Three Triangles from Knee on Belly
If you are confident in your triangle squeeze, there are many unorthodox entries. Check out these 3 creative triangles from KOB.

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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt