GB Technique: Intermediate & Advanced Sweeps

This week on GB Technique we will be looking at some Intermediate to Advanced sweeps.
This author will confess that learning sweeps as a white belt were what got me addicted to Jiu-Jitsu. What other fighting art taught such effective ways to completely reverse a fight? Taking you from the bottom position on your back with someone on top of you, almost instantly to the top, dominant position? I was hooked after being successful with my first few Scissors sweeps!
And black belts probably love their sweeps more than any other part of their game. If you ask a Gracie Barra black belt an innocent question like “Can you show me one of your favorite sweeps?” you will likely spend the next 30 minutes watching them enthusiastically show sweep after sweep.
Have you checked out the GB Online Instagram account?
Let’s check out some awesome sweeps from the GB Online Instagram account
1) Outside hook guard sweep
This DLR Guard sweep by Prof. Victor Estima is probably the 1st (and most important) sweep that we learn from DLR Guard
2) Sweep from the X-guard
Prof. Rodrigo Fajardo shows one of his favorite sweeps from X-guard.
3) Sweep Omoplata
Prof. Jefferson Moura uses the omoplata attack to result in sweeping the opponent.
4) Sweep omoplata to mount
Prof. Fajardo uses the omoplata a little differently than in our previous technique video to get the sweep to mount.
5) Sweep spider guard
Prof. Flavio Neuber from GB Casa Forte Recife
We often see this sweep from the Lasso guard and Prof. Flavio teaches how to use the variation from Spider grip
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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia