GB Fundamentals: Essential Self-Defense

This week on GB Technique, we are joining Prof. Andre Almeida at GB Simi Valley for some essential self-defense techniques from the standing position.
An integral part of Gracie Barra Jiu-jitsu is the self-defense curriculum. Most people who are looking to join a martial arts school are primarily interested in learning to defend themselves in the event of a physical confrontation in the street.
The GB Fundamentals program includes techniques for dealing with common street self-defense situations. Learning that you have options in whatever aggressive situation arises inspires confidence in people and is the first step in personal security.
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Let’s take a look at some GB Fundamental Self Defense techniques by some of the Gracie Barra Simi Valley instructors.
1) Distance Management and Double Leg Takedown
The majority of physical confrontations start in the standing position so it is crucial that we learn how to keep a safe distance from the aggressor and then look to shoot in a Double Leg Takedown.

2) Escaping from Bear Hug
It is not uncommon in a street confrontation to be grabbed from behind. This is a specific technique to escape the opponent’s waist grip from behind. As a side note, I’ve also seen this pulled off in a BJJ tournament ending in a kneebar submission win.

3)Push Kick/ Distance Management + Takedown
Our strategy as jiu-jitsu fighters is to avoid strikes, close the distance to clinch, and get the take to put the opponent on the ground.

4) Body Lock Takedown
If you can learn only 1 takedown in jiu-jitsu it should be this one. The clinch makes you safe from your opponent’s strikes and the under hooks afford excellent control over their body so you can unbalance them and trip them to the ground.

5) Block, Dodge, Punches to the Double Leg Takedown
From week 3 of the GB Fundamentals Curriculum – how to avoid punches and get the double leg takedown

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia