GB Technique: Submission Entries  with Prof Gerson Alef

This week on GB Technique we look at some creative entries into submission attacks. Knowing how to correctly perform the mechanics of a triangle or leg lock is one thing; being able to overcome your opponent’s defense and get to the submission position is quite another.
Competitor Prof Gerson Alef of GB Morgan Hill in California shares some creative ideas for 2ays you can transition to a submission attacking situation off 9f common positions like an open guard pass. Let’s have a look.
Prof Gerson Alef
Guard pass to straight armbar
At the moment that we pass the guard, the opponent is momentarily vulnerable to submission attacks
No Arm in triangle off of opponent’s stack pass
This is a triangle like strangle with the legs which make use of the hand inside to create the choking pressure
Lasso guard control to multiple inverted guard attacks
Prof Gerson uses his Lasso grip to spin underneath for the angle to enter into multiple different submission attacks
Guard pass to rolling back take
We see this attack at higher levels of competition where your opponent is unlikely to commit a mistake and give the back
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt