Gracie Barra Online Reimagined


We are excited to share the new platform helping to provide Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone. Anywhere. GB online is adopting advanced technologies to make it easier for Professors to teach and students to learn. We understand the importance of digital media and want to provide you with a better experience to learn and connect with the World Class Instructors of Gracie Barra. 

GB Online allows each one of our team members to connect with each other and Gracie Barra as a whole. It will elevate the feeling of Brotherhood/Sisterhood, creating the foundation for deeper and broader connections. When we all have access to the same high-level instruction from our most accomplished Professors, our sense of community grows. There’s no better way to grow than being able to learn the techniques and philosophies directly from our Founder, Master Carlos Gracie Jr.  


Continue your Education, Anywhere.

GB Online instructionals have become a great piece to the learning experience complementing our schools. You can continue your education, anywhere, from the techniques learned in class and get inspired by the Gracie Barra philosophy by enjoying some of our free content, such as Life Lessons by Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

Think of GB Online as an extension of your school. A place you can go to watch Master Carlos Gracie Jr. speak and chat with GB team members from around the world in our online community (accessible to active subscribers only). 

We are excited to announce some incredible updates that have been launched. Behind the scenes, we have been working hard to make the Gracie Barra Online platform a better experience. 

We now have an app that can be downloaded across all of your devices! Start your account online and then download the app and log in.


  • Search & Filter Tool: A new search & filter tool to help find the videos and topics you’re looking for. 
  • New Video Player: A new fast video player with the ability to pop the player out of the window you’re in and switch tabs and screens without missing a beat. 
  • Gracie Barra Live: The ability to experience live GB events straight from the app
  • Gracie Barra Apps: Experience a fresh new look and some new features as well across all of your devices, phone, tablet, computer, and television.

With these new features and upgrades, all of the 1,000+ videos of Curriculums, Technique Instructionals, and more that you love will still be available and categorized better for an improved user experience. Plus, be looking out for some brand new content added every couple of weeks!

High-level Jiu-Jitsu Learning

Gracie Barra is establishing our footprint in the digital world. We are providing opportunities for each of our schools, instructors, and students to have an even greater experience by offering high-level Jiu-Jitsu learning leveraged by digital connections.

To celebrate this launch of the reimagined GB Online platform, we are launching an exciting new GB3 curriculum by the 6th-degree black belt, Professor Marcio Feitosa. This is the first GB3 curriculum recorded in the gi and was recorded in English and Portuguese! We are thrilled to be able to increase the accessibility of the curriculum to more of our GB family.

Professor Marcio designed this curriculum in line with the GB Method and a 16-week curriculum set. There are 96 techniques, covering both stand-up and ground techniques. 

Professor Marcio chose the techniques based on the trends he sees in Jiu-Jitsu. He focused on high-level stand-up techniques such as dealing with different types of grips, double guard pull, and leg take-downs. He focused on berimbolo, leg locks, and the honey hole entry and defense for the ground game.

These techniques are broken down into easy-to-understand steps the way we have all become accustomed to learning in Gracie Barra’s classes. Professor Marcio addresses how to execute and defend these techniques with fundamental details, safety, and injury prevention in mind. He believes students can learn and understand even the most complex techniques when broken down correctly.

This new curriculum will be released over the next 16 weeks, starting with Week One, “Passing the Guard” this Sunday, May 15th. It will be available through the GB Online subscription