GB Technique: Drilling Takedowns with Prof Flavio Almeida

This week on GB Blog we look at the method of practice to incorporate takedowns into our game. It’s one thing to learn a takedown and demonstrate it’s quite another thing to be able to execute it against an uncooperative opponent. Let’s see how we can use drilling to make it part of our muscle memory.
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In order to make any new technique a part of our game – that is to say that we can actually execute it against a resisting opponent in live sparring – we need a training method that bridges the gap between simply studying the mechanics of the takedown and the muscle memory and timing required to catch it for real. Prof Flavio Almeida shows us some of his favorite methods for drilling our takedowns that you can try in your own training.
Prof Flavio Almeida
Hip throw from clinch
Prof Flavio Almeida teaches the mechanics of the traditional hip throw
Training the hip throw
Once we understand the proper mechanics of the hip throw, we need to drill it for repetitions
Drilling the double leg
How do we make the transition from learning the mechanics of a technique to being able to hit it in live rolling? Prof Flavio demonstrates how to drill the double leg takedown
One hand shoulder throw
Prof Flavio repeats the throw with the initial grip breaking sequence to incorporate all aspects of setting up and completing the throw
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt