GB Technique: Spider Guard Sweeps with Prof. Marcio Feitosa

This week on GB Technique we are going to look at one of the very best defensive and offensive open guard styles – the Spider Guard. Especially effective for smaller jiu-jitsu players, there are multiple possibilities to attack from Spider Guard and we have Prof. Marcio to show us some of his favorite techniques.
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Marcio Feitosa open guard
Spider guard sweep 1
Prof. Marcio begins this sequence by demonstrating the most basic Spider Guard sweep when the opponent is looking to pass on their knees. This is probably the best-known Spider Guard sweep of all. The sleeve grip combined with your foot in the biceps is a very powerful leverage to unbalance your opponent.
When the passer stands up to counter the initial sweep, notice how Prof. Marcio immediately transitions into a Single-leg X-guard position – while keeping his original sleeve grip. Once Prof. Marcio has threaded his free leg inside he moves to a variation of the X-guard / Spider Guard hybrid to sweep the opponent. He is incorporating grips from the 2 different open guards. Very creative and effective!
Spider guard sweep 2
In this second video, the opponent has put their weight back to avoid a sweep to the front direction like in video one. Prof. Marcio reads the situation and switches to a variation of the Sickle Sweep where his free leg chops out the leg of the standing passer and they lose their balance to the rear direction. Note Prof. Marcio uses an ankle grip to control both of the opponent’s legs for the sweep.
This sequence shows one of the most important concepts in advanced jiu-jitsu: is the ability to link your positions together and immediately switch to a complementary technique according to how your opponent reacts.
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt