Mount Submissions 101 with Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

The Top Mount is considered to be one of the most dominant positions to achieve as it has very strong submission opportunities (and 4 points in competition). Master Carlos takes us through the Straight Arm Bar 101 with important concepts for one of the most important submissions in BJJ.

Technique 1 – Straight Arm bar: Master Carlos places his weight on his hands on the opponent’s chest which both keeps the opponent pinned flat and makes Master Carlos’ legs light so he can rotate into the arm bar position smoothly.

Technique 2 – Americana or Key lock shoulder lock from Top Mount: Note how Master Carlos uses his entire bodyweight to push the arm to the mat – as opposed to getting into a battle of strength against strength and using mainly arm power to push the arm down. Even if the opponent is stronger than you, they can not overcome the superior leverage and bodyweight of the top mounted opponent. Leverage and efficiency!

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