GB Technique: Head and Arm Choke: Attack and Escape

This week on GB Technique we are going to look at a pair of techniques from the perspective of both the attack and then the counter and escape.
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In order to truly master a technique, we must study both sides of the move: the attack and the counter to the submission. Two of Gracie Barra’s top instructors share their techniques to help you level up your Head and Arm chokes.
Prof. Kendall Reusing is one of Gracie Barra’s most active and successful competitors. Prof. Reusing is known for her dangerous Head and Arm Choke (Kata gatame). In this video, Prof. Reusing shares her 3 keys to correcting common mistakes with the Arm Triangle choke and getting the tap.
The most common mistake most students make with the Head and Arm Choke is trying to squeeze as hard as possible using arm strength. Prof. Reusing shows those important micro-adjustments that take away space and force the opponent to “tap or nap”.
Prof. Joe Scarola of GB Jupiter
“Answer the phone” block the choke. But it isn’t enough to merely stall the choke and wait for the timer to go offending the round.
We should be looking to advance our position and escape altogether.
Prof. Scarola uses the fundamental elbow-to-knee escape to catch his opponent’s leg in a half guard. Now Prof. Scarola can utilize the strength of his legs to push the opponent away and prevent the top opponent from applying their full pressure in the choke. Next, Prof. Scarola transitions to the back and has completely reversed the course of the match.
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt