GB Technique: 4 Techniques for Smaller Bjj Students

This week on GB Technique we are going to look at a selection of techniques that are especially useful for the Gracie Barra students reading this that are in the lighter weight categories.
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We recognize jiu-jitsu is a different thing when you are outsized by the majority of your rolling partners. Lightweight Gracie Barra students – we got you covered! Here are a few techniques that work especially well for those who would be “giant killers” among us.
1 – Countering heavy pressure in your closed guard
 When you are dealing with a bigger opponent who is unable to pass your guard, they often resort to strong forward pressure to try to squash you. Prof. Vanessa Waltz shows how to deal with a common problem for smaller, lighter Jiu-Jitsu students.
2 – Single Leg-X by Prof. Rodrigo Fajardo
The best smaller guard players I know to love this leg entanglement guard against standing, bigger opponents. Single leg X-guard leads right into leg lock attacks – another strategy for giant killers.
3 – Arm Drag From Lasso Guard with Prof. Marcio Feitosa
The lighter weight Gracie Barra student will want to develop a strong defensive open guard. The Lasso Guard is combined with a setup for the short arm drag where they can use their speed advantage to advance to the Back Mount position
4 – Collar choke from the back
Competitor Prof. Kendall Reusing hunts for the back in her matches and teaches the details of the highest percentage gi submission from the back – the sliding collar strangle. This works no matter how big your opponent.
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt