Welcome to the 2019 Gracie Barra Irvine Winter Cup!

This year we will honor Mitsuyo Maeda! Don’t wait until last minute as this event sells out super fast.



It’s Jiu-Jitsu competition day.

The renowned EQUIPEGB involves not only GB Athletes defending the Red Shield in tournaments all over the world but also their professors, training partners and supporters who make their dream of becoming a champion of Gracie Barra possible.

GB Events will be hosting its Compnet Winter Cup in the year of 2019 in the city of Irvine, giving GB Students from California the opportunity to compete, learn and celebrate in a safe, friendly and yet highly technical environment.

The morning and early afternoon of the Compnet will be dedicated to GB Kids ages 3-15. As a reminder, you pick the age group of the age your child will be in the year of 2019, so wether he’s turning 10 in December or turned 10 in January, he’s competing with the 10 year old Age Category, please choose accordingly.  The late afternoon will be dedicated to Juvenile, Masters and Adult divisions white to black belt.

Please weight in your child or yourself, with a full uniform on (pants, top, rash, and belt) as that’s how BJJ weight categories are displayed, be sure to check below for special dates for deadlines to when you can change those weight divisions.  With our pre bracket system we are unable to make weight changes at the day of and will have to disqualify the competitor from the division signed under.  For kids 12 and under if they are overweight we will offer consolation matches that will not result in podium medals but a consolation medal.

The Gracie Barra Events is a family event envisioned by Master Carlos Gracie Jr. to give an opportunity for GB members in the California region to come together to Learn, Laugh, compete and celebrate.

Children up to age of 6 does not pay to be an spectator and every kid competing up to age 12 can bring one parent at no cost, everyone else it will be $8 if pre paid or $10 spectator fee at the day of the event charged at the door.