Why Goals Are Important in Training Jiu-Jitsu

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The Importance of Setting Goals During Training 

Training will require time and time is something that everyone invests in. In Jiu-Jitsu training, we invest our time. That’s a fact. The time we spend during training means little if we do not set goals for ourselves. It can be anything! From the amount of weight that we want to lose, to getting that black belt, to staying healthy. A lot of  students may have goals, but the next question is: are these effective goals? There is no trade secret when it comes to setting goals. All it takes is to give our goals a bit more direction than how we look at it.

Gracie Barra has a goal and this goal is for every student to be better individuals. The mission “Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone” speaks loudly about Gracie Barra’s goal to spread the word that Jiu-Jitsu is good for everyone.

Your Goals Need to be Specific

Yes, goals need to be specific. Losing weight, or getting that belt promotion is a great goal, but what you need to do is pump in more energy into that goal by asking  how much weight do I want to lose? Or what belt do I wish to achieve? (hopefully,
all those reading this are gunning for the black belt). Being specific will give you a clearer idea on how you are to focus on your training.

Measureable Goals are Great!

Goals are better off measurable.  How else would you be able to check your progress if your goals cannot be measured? You will need to measure your progress based on tangible factors. In the case of getting in shape, regular measurement of your progress can increase the level of motivation that you have in training. Jiu-Jitsu is a great art. For one thing, the goals that can be set during training can be measured by the amount of weight lost, the number of promotions achieved, or the number of medals won etc. Specific to your goals are the measurement that you are to set with it.

smart-goalsAttainable Goals Boosts Motivation

You will know your limits of what you can achieve and how you will achieve it. For most people who have set unrealistic goals, they often fall into trap of losing momentum in training simply because they push themselves to achieving something that cannot be achieved. However,  there is no limit to what you think you can attain. Attainable goals are goals which can be made real with a specific time in place. Is getting promoted to a black belt possible within 3 months of training? Certainly not. What will be required to get that goal is discipline and growth. That will require time and that will require more than 3 months!

Allow yourself to gauge what is required to reach that goal and how much time you think is needed to get to reach it. Should you need guidance in setting what is attainable, talk to your instructor and lay everything in the table. Ask to be guided on what you want to achieve.

Relevant Goals Will Keep You Afloat.

This means choosing the goals that matter the most. What we may value in training may be different to what you value and vice-versa, but knowing the relevance of the goal to you is as important as the goal itself. Getting physically fit is a relevant goal. This goal posits the drive to become healthier. Wanting to know how to defend yourself is a relevant goal. Living a lifestyle of discipline and a positive outlook in life is relevant as well. All of these goals are relevant to the goal of each Gracie Barra school.

Remember that goals are Time Bound

Back in college, a philosopher posed a question to our class: “what is the most important thing in this world?” A lot exclaimed by answering in discordant chorus answers such as “money,” or “passion,” or even “love.” However, all of these answers seemed out of place, because they fall short of time. Yes, time is the most powerful resource any of us have. In setting your goals, always remember that everything that we do will require time. In setting goals, consider the amount of time that you are to spend in achieving your goal. A black belt promotion will require time in training and getting to that level where you can be called one. To lose weight and become more confident in your daily affairs requires time to develop.

Remember to always set goals and when you reach them set new ones, so you are continually growing and bettering yourself and the people around you.

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