What Is Your Favorite Guard?

Some guard styles tend to suit students with longer legs ex. Spider Guard while other equally skilled (but with shorter legs) players prefer the deep half guard.

Which guard do you prefer?

Here are 5 videos by GB instructors on different guard styles may provide some new ideas to try in your jiu-jitsu game

Spider Guard
If you love the Triangle choke, there may be no better guard to play than the spider guard. Prof. Flavio Almeida teaches how to combine sweep and triangle attacks.

De la Riva Sweep / Raspagem partindo da De La Riva
The DLR guard is great against standing passers and some advanced students create their entire guard game around this guard style. This is the first and most important sweep to learn from DLR.

Butter Fly Guard
This sweep comes from Gracie Barra Dana Point head instructor Prof. Flavio Almeida. Prof. Flavio points out this is an effective guard to deal with an opponent who passes on their knees.

Deep half Guard
Head instructor at GB HQ in Irvine Prof. Philipe shows us how to sweep from under the deep half guard position. I’ve seen many smaller jiu-jitsu students have success with getting underneath their larger training partners and breaking their balance with this guard.

One Leg X Guard
Professor Dave Weber teaches a single leg x-guard to a X Guard Sweep. Great to defend against standing guard passers!

What is YOUR favorite guard style to play?

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Saigon, Vietnam
Instagram: @bjjmarkmullen