The Red Shield : Value of a Team

The Red Shield : Value of a Team

The proud symbol of the Gracie Barra schools all over the world is called by some “the Red Shield”. Designed many years ago, Master Carlos Gracie Jr. It represents the unified purpose of the Gracie Barra team members.

Why is it important for jiu-jitsu students to be part of a team? There are many reasons.


Pride in the Gracie Barra legacy
The Gracie Barra academy that you train at today is the result of a larger vision of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. To spread jiu-jitsu to other places in the world. From humble beginnings in Barra de Tijuca, Brazil, the dedication to the art and a larger vision to expand jiu-jitsu beyond a few smaller academies in Brazil created the largest jiu-jitsu organization in the world.

There is a rich history of Gracie Barra athletes atop the podium in World Championships since the earliest Mundials. New athletes can take confidence in the methodology and experience passed down from the great former champions.

Members of the GB Team share the values of healthy living, positive attitude and spirit and personal development through training jiu-jitsu.

GB Competition Team
Competitors find high level coaching through GB Professors, invaluable training partners to prepare and the GB Compnet to provide an opportunity to gain experience in competition.


Many jiu-jitsu students have some of their best memories from competing with the support of their teammates behind them. Cheering for their training partners in their own matches. Sharing both the sweet taste of victory with a medal on the podium and learning from defeats. These shared experiences galvanize the sense of team and belonging.

Basketball coach Phil Jackson (who coached all time great players Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant) lead teams to multiple NBA Titles. Coach Jackson explained one of the most motivations of talented, multi millionaire players. One of the needs of human beings is to be part of something greater than themselves. Part of a team that is larger than any individual. We can only accomplish so much as 1 individual. To reach our potential, we must work together with others with a shared purpose.

This perhaps is the greatest value of a team.

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Saigon, Vietnam
Twitter: @MarkMullenBJJ