Tournaments to Look Out for This Fall

Getting psyched up in your training? Here is a list of tournaments to look out for. Why get into the buzz with tournaments? The answer is quite simple, it is taking your love of BJJ to a whole new level!


The World Jiu-Jitsu No Gi Championship

In the mood for some no gi action? The upcoming No Gi Championship has been creating a buzz in the BJJ blogosphere. Although the academy registration has already been closed, getting a piece of the action (as an spectator even) is worth the time and effort. The tournament is for advanced level where the limit is from the blue belt. Perfect for thos residing close to Asuza CA.

What to Expect: nonstop grinding action from world’s best in BJJ. Need we drop names? I guess not. 

worlds_camp_IGWorld Master IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship

If No Gi is not enough, appreciate and indulge yourself by saying the word “master.” It has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it? The tournament has a limited number of people per slot. As per the IBJJF website, they can accomodate only a few athletes per academy. Are you up for the challenge?  Register at GB CAMP here

Gracie Barra CompNet

The compnet was established to create a positive testing ground for Gracie Barra members. This coming October 11th, Gracie Barra in Irvine California will host the latest CompNet event happening in the USA. So what’s good about travelling all the way to Irvine? The Headquarters being situated in it, in addition to the awesome weather this coming year! Go register now!


American National Kids Championship

bjjYes. If watching kids becoming awesome in BJJ is something that you enjoy seeing, the American National Kids Championship is a must see. The perks? Getting a peek at who will soon become the world’s best. And also going nostalgic on how you were when you started out in BJJ.

Let’s go Asia

The Asian open features the Pacific’s best of the best in the world of BJJ. Happening on November 8th to the 11th in Nagoya Japan. Care for the newest thrill in travelling to another country? Check this tournament out!