Taking Care of your Mind is Jiu-Jitsu: The teaching that turns each day into the best one we’ve ever experienced

The Great Master Carlos Gracie, father of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu, didn’t leave us only a legacy of great fighters and lovers of the gentle art. Nowadays, Carlos’ dream of showing BJJ to the world and how it can change a man regarding his character and his role on the planet, continues taking place day after day.


Many people look into jiu-jitsu for several reasons. The most common thoughts are: losing weight and learning self-defense. Of course, the reasons that lead an individual to seek the jiu-jitsu are numerous.

“Speak to everyone about health, happiness and prosperity” Great Master Carlos Gracie

Grandmaster Carlos Gracie Sr. and Carlson Gracie
Grandmaster Carlos Gracie Sr. and Carlson Gracie

When you wear the kimono for the very first time, from that moment on, you start a new stage in your life. The training, the classes, and the teammates gain a unique value in your life. Sometimes, tiredness from the daily work and the hectic routine do leave you upset with your inner self, but the moment you get to your jiu-jitsu class, everything changes.

Just as you get onto the mat, the receptivity of friends and the atmosphere that surrounds all of that already makes you feel better. This change of energy, while the tiredness still screams inside you, makes you think, “I could have gone home, I’d be watching TV, eating and sleeping. But not coming here to see these guys, the stress wouldn’t have gone away and would have made my day just like any other.”

This feeling does have an explanation and you can find it in the second teaching of Great Master Carlos Gracie: “Speak to everyone about health, happiness and prosperity.” The clan left by Carlos transmitted from generation to generation the energy, thoughts and sport, i.e., the lifestyle that the Great Master developed to make from simple jiu-jitsu lovers, great human beings.