The Vision and Direction of Gracie Barra

You have heard it before – yet it does not lose its value. Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone. This grand, overarching vision for Gracie Barra is our central mission. It is what drives our decisions, influences the trends of our team, and motivates us to keep striving for our goals.

Goals Are Essential to Success

No matter what type of organization, company, or committee you examine, you will see a common theme. Those that succeed establish goals and follow sound strategies to reach these goals. Those that flounder often do so because of a lack of vision and mechanisms for fulfilling any goals that might be set.

It is not just enough to write a mission statement. That, in fact, is perhaps one of the easier tasks facing organizations. It is necessary, but it does not require the kinds of strategies, tested theories, and daily grind that you must do in order to make the mission statement a reality. Consider the mission statement the launching point. Without the goals and strategies, you will not have enough momentum to move forward.


What Does the Future of Gracie Barra Look Like?

When an organization looks at its future, it must start with the mission statement and then ask a series of questions:

  • Does everyone in my organization know and understand the mission statement?
  • Do we have specific goals that align with the mission statement?
  • Do we provide specific and tested strategies to help reach those goals?
  • What trends do we see that tell us the direction of the organization?

Those first questions we know answer with a resounding YES! for Gracie Barra, as long as we do our work to continually put the mission and the organization ahead of personal goals. That last question can seem more complicated to answer, but we can look to our strategies to understand the trends.

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