Steps for Success: Teaching and Training Practices

The GB Method is a package deal. It is a combination of building blocks which all have to be set in place in order to achieve the goals of Gracie Barra and live out our mission. When we envision the GB Method as a pyramid, with building blocks such as GB Curriculum and GB Class Structure at the base, Teaching and Training Practices are at the pinnacle, along with Teaching Vocabulary and Commands.

What are Teaching and Training Practices?

The building block of Teaching and Training Practices is integral to this package deal of the GB Method. It is not just enough to have GB Curriculum available – we must use a set of specific teaching and training practices developed to help you make the most of your class experiences. The overriding goals of the specific teaching and training practices include the following.


We have developed a set of practices to best facilitate class flow, maximize student learning, and ensure the safety of students at all levels. Here we will provide you a list of these with a brief description, but you can find more details in the ICP5, including access to some additional videos.

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