Is the pre-championship anxiety something normal?

For a high quality jiu-jitsu, it is necessary to keep up – not only with the attendance records, but also with the physical and psychological preparation, prior to major championships. Although we do not have 100% of competitors in the GB school mats, being in good shape and with the mental part well prepared means assuring 50% of future conquests, whether inside or outside the dojo. But why do we guarantee 50% of our success with this preparation?

Very simple. Currently, the jiu-jitsu is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, both in number of athletes and in competitions. Thus, most of the practitioners who come into championships believe that only training the good and pure jiu-jitsu is enough. Not quite. The evolution of the gentle art requires that athletes keep a good physical condition combined with a good mental balance.

There are people who are more than 100% fine with the physical part, but who are still mentally weak. They are those who suffer in advance, even before they fight. Well guys, we’re talking about those sleepless nights before the championship, the butterflies in the stomach, that nervousness just before the combat. All these feelings come down to something that is very familiar among athletes in many sports, the well-known ANXIETY.

yoga-422196_640There are many causes of anxiety, but in the fight world, a perfect description would be exactly this: “Behind the anxiety, there are, hidden, fear and insecurity. So you really wish that those things you dream about happen quickly, in a flash. It is the unconscious way of trying not to lose what you want so much.”

No need to be scared, but everyone who fights knows that anxiety never disappears from our lives. It is part of adrenaline and of the victory thrills. The greatest champions in the world – in some cases, two, three, four-time champions, have never ceased to experience that feeling. But among many jiu-jitsu practices and fitness, there is also the emotional control training.

There are numerous ways of seeking control of your mind and consequently, your emotions. One of them, meditation, has been a great ally to gentle art warriors and champions. Besides helping with the respiratory part, meditation helps a lot when it comes to keeping focus and concentration. We from GB Brazil will offer you here an exercise that will help you feel less anxious and more concentrated for the next battle:

silhouette-165528_640Breathe slowly. Start with a gentle inspiration, counting to three.

Now release the air, slowly, counting to three.

When breathing, try to make your belly grow on each inhale and shrink at release of the air.

Do this breath training at home and find your rhythm.

Use this technique whenever you start feeling anxious.

Feeling calmer now? Another good tip to be absorbed is being aware that the guy you’ll face is not that huge an opponent. He practices jiu-jitsu just like you, he has the same degree as you do and has no super hero powers.

All that being said, being aware that you gave your best is the greatest feeling.

“In jiu-jitsu there’s no such a loss. You win or you learn.”