Reaching the Highest Level: Be Inspiring

The GB Method is the cornerstone of principles we must make come alive every day in our schools. Many of these are intangible – things we cannot hold in our hands – but they are just as valuable as anything else. Let us take a look at some of the other principles:

Be Welcoming – Be Personable – Be Knowledgeable

We know we must welcome our students, and prospective students, through the door every time. We have to reach them on a personable level, where they feel valued as an individual. We also have to be knowledgeable about Jiu-Jitsu so that we continue to build that sense of trust and value of Gracie Barra training. And as we piece all of these principles together we need to apply the final principal:

Be Inspiring

When you harness the ability to be inspiring you can make positive, encouraging, motivating, and even life-changing influences. You are reaching the highest level of leadership. Everything you work towards at your school brings you to this point.

What Makes An Inspirational Instructor?

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