Jiu-Jitsu World Championship 2014 – The confirmation of GB Tradition in Tournaments

Last weekend was not just any other one in the Jiu-Jitsu world. Closing the month of May (29, 30, 31) and getting started with the second semester (June 1st), we had the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship (IBJJF) which took place in Long Beach, CA. This most desired dream for any athlete, regardless the level, weight, age or gender, was marked, once again, by the massive presence of the Red Shield GB defenders.


Our first victory happened even before our athletes entered the mats. On Wednesday the 28th, a day before the biggest BJJ event had begun, we won the Trophy as the champion team in IBJJF ranking, including an homage paid to our athletes Romulo Barral and Otavio Sousa in the ‘Hall of Fame’. Our master – founder of this huge family called Gracie Barra – Carlos Gracie Jr., received this conquest, which reflects quite well the efforts of the ‘Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone’ mission.

This trophy is not an isolated result built of accumulated points – someone looking from outside may not understand what has been created to reach this. We are the biggest jiu-jitsu school in the world. We enroll in big or small tournaments always to win. Even though our focus is not, primarily, the competitions, we always end up being in the podiums. But why do we win if this is not our main objective?

We believe this prize means more than just being the number one. This reinforces that Master Carlos Gracie Jr.’s vision of teaching Jiu-Jitsu to everyone by establishing GB schools in every city around the world is the path to the growth and prosperity of GB and its people, including the students, instructors, school owners and, of course, athletes.

Braulio Estima and Romulo Barral closed the Middleweight category. A brothers' noble attitude.
Braulio Estima and Romulo Barral closed the Middleweight category. A brothers’ noble attitude.

We became the best ones in the past, when competing was the first goal of GB. The explanation for the continuous success of a champion team is in the improvement of the level of jiu-jitsu taught in our branches and in the possibility that everyone and anyone can learn this art and choose to compete for the Gracie Barra name. We have grown to be all over the world.

We spread this sport and now we are reaping what we sowed with all our efforts. We work as a synergy. There are athletes among the family men, women and children who train with us. On these people, there is the reflection of the nature of the GB system, which works for both those who want to compete and those who do not.

Now, multiply all these factors by more than 400 GB schools around the world. This is the explanation for getting the prize as the best team in the IBJJF ranking. To the critics and anyone that cannot understand our vision – of taking the Jiu-Jitsu to everyone – this is our answer.

Ana Laura, after some years out of the mats returned and became the 2014 world champion.
Ana Laura, after some years out of the mats returned and became the 2014 world champion.

Now, talking about the victories inside the dojo, we also did such a great job. From the four categories we competed in – male and female adult, young and beginners – we took 3 trophies. They were the 1st place in the young modality, 3rd place in male adult and 2nd place in beginners. It is also worthy of remark that this event brought the return of our champion Ana Laura Cordeiro. After some years out of the mats due to a serious injury to her spine, this black belt fighter came back and got the 1st place in the Medium Heavyweight category. And we could not forget about Fabiana Borges, who got the bronze medal in the Lightweight category. Also, Felipe Pena “Preguiça” beat André Galvão and become the Heavyweight champion. Braulio Estima and Romulo Barral closed the Medium Heavyweight category, while Otavio Sousa got the silver medal in the Middleweight.

A very positive result, which attests, once again, the Gracie Barra legacy renovation. This also makes clear our presence among the world’s best teams and confirms the tradition of our GB family in tournaments.

We congratulate all our warriors who went there to represent our shield. Regardless of the victories or losses, we are proud of you guys! Congrats, fighters!

The 'GB red sea' and the 2014 World Championship trophies.
The ‘GB red sea’ and the 2014 World Championship trophies.