GB Interview: Professor Vinicius Draculino – Black Belt 5th Degree


Among other things that happen in Gracie Barra are the ceremonies that celebrate the success of our Professors. In this light, it just proves that BJJ is an ever continuous journey. Yes. You have heard it over and over. It’s a long journey. For most, getting to the rank of black belt seems to be a pipe dream. For a few, the road beyond the black belt is an easy one; to get promoted to another degree, you show how much you care for the art, how much of your life will revolve around it, and how much you are willing to sacrifice.

In this short interview with one of our most beloved black belts, Professor Vinicius Draculino Magalhaes talks about his own promotion. 

GB Reporter: A black belt, and more stripes I guess. How does it feel?
Prof. Vinicius: It feels great, actually. It felt like when I got my black belt again. And oh, I felt older. (Laughs).

Gracie Barra Draculino CampGB Reporter: Sounds awesome. Tell us what kind of work you put in to get to this level.
Prof. Vinicius: It was a good ride. It was dedication. Dedication is work.

GB. Reporter: Let’s go back to when you were a white belt. There has to be a huge difference between the levels.
Prof. Vinicius: It is a love for the art that just intensifies… I thank GOD every day for the blessing of doing what I love and to be able to keep doing it. Thanks also to Master Carlinhos for believing in me after all these years.

GB Reporter: All of you guys have made a name for yourselves in BJJ. What are your thoughts about it?
Prof. Vinicius: It was a mere consequence of our love and dedication for the art.

GB Reporter: There is always something next. Always a next level.
Prof. Vinicius: Nothing changes with the exception that we are more mature.

GB Reporter: And your philosophy about the art?
Prof. Vinicius: It did not change. Always has been the same.