Interesting articles about BJJ

Scouring the internet for the most interesting articles about BJJ, I stumbled upon the idea of self-confidence. Almost every sport is supported by the mysterious mind. We have talked about staying healthy in BJJ, but there is an incalculable factor the mind has on BJJ, that will be a game changer.


So what constitutes confidence? Confidence in sports (generally speaking) is all about “knowing.”

The knowing means being familiar with your skills as a BJJ athlete.

So let’s say that you did your homework and you found out that your opponent enjoys the usual quick opening takedown. You step onto the mat. And wait for your opponent to swoop down and grab your leg. Your reaction to this attack is all dependent on how much you know about takedowns. So if he swoops down on you with so much vigor, the next question is: do you know a lot about your abilities to counter, to stuff, to reverse, etc.?

The Knowing is an important facet in every sport. If you think that there is a hole in your “knowing” game, then perhaps this article will help.

The Knowing is Confidence Level

Knowing increases your confidence level. The less you know about a trail in the woods, the more careful you are, the less risk you take. As you familiarize with the before (unfamiliar) trail, you fear less and have more fun. After all, you already know which sharp rocks to avoid on that trail right? Jiu-Jitsu is no different from the analogy. The more you know the less you fear.

Increase the Confidence Level

1376417_586973288015070_1733432320_nThere is no other way to increase your level but to train. Getting into the rhythm and patterns of the training helps you familiarize yourself with them. Whenever you learn, the neurons in your brain reorganize to connect with other neurons. It is why some people seem to be wired for the sport and some aren’t. The difference is TRAINING. Train to increase your confidence level.

Learn Something New

Opponents hate surprises in the mats. Something like a blindsided armbar, or a surprise triangle set up. Knowing that you have some hidden arsenal ready to pop-out is a good confidence booster. Jiu-Jitsu is human chess. Survive the opening up until mid-game, carry on the closing strategies of the game, surprise with a checkmate. The win is yours!

You are the Average of Your Peers

There is a  saying in business that your skill level and learning will depend on who you hang out with. We are not saying that you should stop spending time with your non-bjj loving friends, but to learn more from the successful people, you have to spend more time with them. Increase this quota by picking the brains of those black belts that you meet.