GB Technique:  Take the Back with Prof Ubaldini

This week in the GB1 Curriculum we are covering Back Mount Top with one of the new generations of GB instructors – Prof Valerio Ubaldini of Kansas by way of Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Getting to the opponent’s back is the most prized position in Brazil and Prof Ubaldini shows us how to catch the opponent’s back from several different positions.
Let’s take a look at some Back Takes by Prof Valerio!
Prof Valerio Ubaldini
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Taking the Back starting from Open Guard
Your opponent has his head lower in an attempt to pressure pass past your legs and some slick leg work gives the leverage to transition to the opponent’s back

Taking the back from turtle position
Rolling forward places pressure on the opponent’s neck and encourages him to roll along with you

Taking the back from mount
Rolling entry with leg entanglement
If you nail this in the competition you will become an instant legend amp g your training partners!

Ezekiel sleeve choke from the Back
This sneaky entry is a great choke submission. Since your choking arm is under the opponent’s armpit, they do not feel like they are in the danger of being choked…until they are tapping.

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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt