GB Technique:  Street Self Defense with Prof Della Monica

Street self-defense situations nearly always start on the feet standing. Two individuals begin with a verbal argument, it begins to get more heated and one of the people escalates the confrontation by grabbing the other. In a confrontation that takes place in public, there are very likely friends around and they can join into the confrontation.
As jiu-jitsu students, we need to understand how to deal with the most common grappling situations.
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Let’s take a look at some of the most common standing self-defense situations and escapes with the head instructor of Gracie Barra USA HQ, Prof Philipe Della Monica.
Rear choke escape
Oftentimes a street confrontation can 8nvolve multiple people. In a situation where someone approaches you from behind, they can catch you by surprise with a “sleeper hold” that even untrained individuals know.
Rear bear hug escape
In a similar situation as our first video, someone has grabbed you from behind in a tight waist grip. It’s important to maintain your balance and break the grip and free yourself.
Standing headlock escape
Humans instinctively grab for the other person’s head in a physical confrontation. If the opponent is bigger than you and squeezing your neck as tight as they can, this can be a very uncomfortable situation. How can we avoid getting punched and escape the headlock?
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt