GB Technique: Single Leg – Offense and Defense

This week on GB Technique we are looking at one of the best takedowns for both gi and No-Gi jiu-jitsu – the single leg. In order to be the most effective at any offensive move, we must study the ways that our opponents will try to counter it. What controls are you trying to get and how is the opponent going to deny you those controls? How do fight grips and have a solid defensive stance?
Let’s take a look at some of the principles and details behind the single leg – both offense and defense with 3 of Gracie Barra’s most experienced instructors
Low Single Leg
Prof Draculino teaches a variation of the single leg known as a low single as he has dropped his level very low to enter underneath the opponent’s defense. Notice how Prof Draculino moves the opponent around in order to set up the single leg entry.
Single leg setup and defense
Master Carlos Gracie Jr shows some 9f the fundamentals in stance and barn position defending the single leg. Most jiu-jitsu students know that in order to have the most effective offense, one must have a solid understanding of how your opponent will try to counter your single leg.
Video short – Single leg takedown entry in gi
A basic but effective way to enter into a single leg.
How to counter your opponent’s single leg
Prof. Marcio Feitosa teaches details on how to defend the single leg when your opponent has gotten a grip on your leg
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt