GB Technique: Side Control Strategies

This week on GB Technique we are looking at some strategies and submissions from side mount top. There are more options from the side mount than any other top position. It’s important to have diversity in your attacks to make you unpredictable to your opponent. In addition to the submissions, we must also study transitions to the side control position and how we maintain our side control once we arrive there.
Let’s take a look at some strategies and techniques from side control.
Transition from Side to Top Mount
One of the best options from side control is advancing our position to full mount. It’s important to pay attention to the details to avoid the bottom opponent trapping your leg in half guard during the transition. Prof Diego shows the best method to win the mount position and score 4 points on the mount
Darce from Side Mount / Half Guard top
Prof Marcio shows how we can free our leg from half guard and stabilize the side mount control when the opponent is fighting to regain the guard. Several control concepts are important in this position. The Darce choke is often available when our opponent is looking to avoid being pinned.
Side control Kimura attack sequence
Prof Joe of GB Jupiter shows us the chaining of techniques according to how the opponent reacts defensively. When the opponent shuts down his initial Kimura attack, he immediately transitions to the next attack in a submission chain.
Arm entanglement Kimura grip variation.
When the opponent has a strong defensive grip on their belt, it is not possible to move their hand to apply the traditional Kimura shoulder lock. But Prof Jefferson changes his grip to apply pressure to the shoulder and get the tap
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt