GB Technique:  Side Mount Submission Options

This week on GB Technique we are going to look at some submission ideas for the Side Mount from our friends at GB Jupiter headed by Prof. Joe Scarola
GB Jupiter
Side Control is likely the first position on the ground where you experience success controlling your opponent and looking for a submission. There are a ton of submission options from side mount – all the way from the most basic Americana lock (which works!) to more advanced strategies that take advantage of your opponent’s attempt to escape.
Let’s take a look!
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1- Side Control Submissions 101
This is the best place to start your study of how to attack in side control. Once you have trapped your opponent’s far arm, you can switch to 1 of 3 possible joint locks as they twist their arm to escape. No matter which way they try to twist their trapped arm, you can transition to a new joint lock. This sequence is sometimes called “the mousetrap”. The final choke is a favorite of mine that I memorably used to submit a 300lbs blue belt!
2- More details and 180-degree armbar
This makes a total of 4 separate (but linked) attacks on the far side arm – that work both gi or no-gi. Flow from 1 attack to the next until your opponent runs out of escape options.
3- Spin to take the back & Bulldog choke
Your opponent is struggling to get into their side and fight for an underhook. This creates an opening for the top player to quickly spin to the opponent back on the opposite side and take the back or look for a submission like this No-Gi clock choke cousin
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt