GB Technique : Lasso Guard

This week on Gracie Barra Blog we are looking at some Lasso Guard techniques by Gracie Barra instructors.
One of the most powerful guards that you can learn to play in jiu-jitsu is the Lasso guard – so named for the Lasso hook. This is often combined with the Spider Guard to make a formidable guard to sweep.
While there are triangle and omoplata attacks from Lasso, it is perhaps strongest as a sweeping position.
There are important details on the Lasso guard entry and grips that we will learn today. If you are tired of getting your guard passed, you need to try out the Lasso Hook.
Let’s take a look at some variations as taught by some of the top Gracie Barra instructors.
1) Basic Lasso Sweep
Let’s start by looking at the best technique from Lasso Guard, the basic (but effective!) Lasso Sweep by Professor Philipe Della Monica. Pay careful attention to the gripping details.

2) Lasso Guard Retention
An unappreciated aspect of playing guard is the ability to retain and recover our guard when the passer is aggressively trying to pass. Prof. Flavio Almeida shows us some of the principles of holding our guard.


3) Advanced Lasso Sweep variation
Prof. Daniel Marques shows us how to use the Lasso hook to elevate the opponent over and reverse the position.

4) De La Riva / Spider Guard to Lasso Sweep
One of the strengths of the Lasso Guard is how it combines with other styles of open guard like De la Riva and Spider guard of course.

5) The Lasso and Spider Guard in Action
This video shows some of the Gracie Barra greatest Professors applying Spider Guard Techniques.

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia