GB Technique : Advanced Half Guard Bottom

This week on Gracie Barra Blog we are looking at some advanced techniques from the Half Guard Bottom position.

In the early days of sport Bjj competition, the half guard was seen as primarily a defensive position with your guard being 1/2 way to being passed.

Those days are history. Perhaps no other position in jiu-jitsu has seen the evolution of techniques and strategies as much as the half guard.

Some jiu-jitsu players specializes in the half in competition and have developed very sophisticated and effective games from half guard bottom.

Let’s take a look at Half Guard Bottom by some of the best Gracie Barra black belt instructors.

1) Half Guard Retention Strategies
If we want to master any position in jiu-jitsu, our first step is to learn how to control the position. In half guard, this means the various leg entanglements and grips and framing he can use to be comfortable on the bottom and avoid getting our 1/2 guard passed.

2) Half Guard Sweep #1 / Raspagem da meia guarda Helicóptero
I learned this exact sweep on a trip to train at Gracie Barra Matriz in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Prof. Carlos Liberi controls the grips and uses the momentum to sweep the opponent.

3)Half Guard Sweep #2
Gracie Barra Long Island brings us a sweep that is similar to a popular X-guard sweep that you can use both gi and no-gi. Note the detail Prof. Scarola shares about preventing the cross face.

4) Reversal from Half Guard / Inversão da meia guarda com o braço esgrimado
Bet you haven’t seen this half guard reversal before! Prof. Jefferson Moura from Gracie Barra Rio Matriz shows an advanced reversal for when our opponent has secured the underhook and negated much of our offense from the bottom.

5) Knee Bar From Half-guard
Prof. Joe Scarola’s Knee Bar From Half-guard is an entry that we see in high level competition that is also effective as an entry to the 411 or Inside Sankaku position.

What is your favorite Bottom Half Guard technique?


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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia