GB Technique: Knee on The Belly Chokes

This week on GB Technique, we are going to look at some choke attacks from the knee on the belly (KOB).
Some jiu-jitsu practitioners look at the knee on the belly as a transition position to the mount. And don’t forget that under IBJJF rules you are awarded points for stabilizing KOB for 3 seconds.
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Our focus on the KOB position this week is attacking with gi strangle variations and boy do we have some great techniques and details to show you! Let’s get started!
1- Submission variations from knee on the belly
Prof. Marco Joca shows 2 submission attacks from the knee on the belly ride. Note the movement with his knee to eliminate the defensive arm of the opponent.
2 – Prof. Feitosa choke from knee on the belly position
Prof. Marcio shows many details on controlling the opponent in Knee on Belly before you are able to finish.
3 – Prof  Draculino KOB Brabo Choke
This is a great technique to control the opponent as you hunt for a very powerful choke
4 – Draculino KOB choke variation – Brabo Choke setup to Bread cutter choke variation. Prof. Draculino starts the technique by wrapping the opponent’s lapel in a “Brabo” grip and then adapts when the opponent resists the original attack.
5 – Knee on belly Baseball choke “Invertido”
Prof. Ericka Almeida shows a variation of the powerful Baseball Choke – note the first grip that Prof. Ericka takes before rotating to North-South
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt