GB Technique: Escape Like Houdini

Harry Houdini was an old-time magician made famous by his stunts involving escapes from impossible situations. Any time someone escapes a seemingly inescapable position, we can call them Houdini.
Be like Houdini in jiu-jitsu class and try these positional escapes and your opponent will be scratching their head wondering just where you went?
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Backdoor variation side control escape to choke
Prof. Draculino shows one of the sneaky ways to escape a heavy side control and look to catch a Guillotine choke variation
Escape Grapevine mount
Ever get stuck on the bottom of the mount with your opponent’s legs “grapevines” with your legs. Prof. Flavio shows the way out.
Head and arm choke/kata gatame escape
Prof. Joe Scarola teaches us how we can use the basic knee to elbow escape to stop the opponent’s shoulder choke.
Turtle Reversal
My jiu-jitsu students are stuck for ideas of what to do when they arrive in turtle. Prof. Draculino shows a way to reverse the position and advance to side control on top
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt