GB Technique: Breaking Down the Turtle

As we encounter more advanced opponents, we will find ourselves dealing with the Turtle position. Instead of conceding the side control after a guard pass, most experienced jiu-jitsu players will transition to a tight defensive turtle. Solving a tight turtle can be a difficult task!
GB Blog is here to help. This week Prof. Victor Estima and Prof. Marcio Feitosa share some highly effective techniques to control and break down your opponent s defensive turtle.
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Turtle Breakdown to the Back Mount
Prof. Marcio Feitosa attacks the structure of the opponent defensive turtle in order to insert the hooks to Back Mount
Collar choke from the turtle
What if your opponent has a strong base and counters your efforts to break them down? Prof. Victor Estima shows how we can attack with a collar choke variation.
Break the Turtle to Shotgun Arm Bar
This is a simple but amazingly effective way to break the structure of the turtle and finish with the “Shotgun” armbar variation. Prof. Marcio shares some details to make it work.
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt