GB Technique:  Best Setups for the Triangle with Prof Tussa

This week in the GB1 Curriculum we are covering Guard Bottom and to many Jiu-Jitsu fighters they think of perhaps the signature move of bjj – the Triangle choke. Jiu-Jitsu has developed the triangle more than any other grappling sports or art and every Jiu-Jitsu student must master the triangle to be a black belt. These 2 No-Gi triangle setups should be in every triangle fan’s arsenal.
Let’s take a look at some Triangle tips with Prof Tussa from his GB2 No-Gi module on GB Online
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Guard triangle from overhook
The overhook is one of the best control grips in No-Gi and MMA jiu-jitsu. While you prevent the opponent from striking with their arm with an overhook, Prof Tussa looks for wrist control on the free arm in order to stuff it inside the triangle. The tricky part of the move is trapping the opponent’s head and arm inside while stuffing their hand inside.
No-Gi back attacks – the Rear Triangle
This entry to the rear triangle has started to appear more often in the No-Gi competition in the last several years. While most of us probably think of our first video – triangle from the guard – when they think of the triangle, advanced triangle practitioners know that in any position that we can isolate the opponent’s head and arm together with our legs, there is a triangle attack available.
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt