GB Technique: Advanced Lapel Techniques

This week on GB Technique we are learning some variations of techniques using the lapels with some of the top GB black belt instructors.
There has been an explosion in the evolution of jiu-jitsu techniques in the last 10 years and in particular, the creative use of the gi lapels. As we will explore in this week’s technique feature, we can look to take advantage of the lapel in nearly all of the major ground positions, top and bottom.
Secondly, these lapel techniques look to use BOTH your AND your opponent’s lapels leading to even more possibilities.
Let’s take a look at some creative uses of the lapel as taught by some of Gracie Barra’s most experienced Professors.
1) Lapel Guard Retention Strategies
Let’s take a look at the fundamentals and details of using the lapel guard to control our opponent with Prof. Flavio Almeida

2) Half Guard Passes Using The Lapel
Using the lapel from both Half Guard top and bottom is an effective and commonly used technique. Professor Philipe Della Monica gives us some ideas how to use the opponent’s lapels to pass Half Guard top.

3) Back Mount – “Felipe Pena Choke”
In this technique you need your own lapel to your free hand to attack the choke. Your opponent won’t even see this coming!

4) Lapel Chokes From Side Mount Control
Your opponent might have a tight defense from the bottom of your side control, but it is very difficult for them to prevent you from passing your own lapel to attack chokes.

5) Single Leg with Lapel
Can we employ Lapel techniques from standing? Yes we can! Checkout this lapel assisted single leg takedown variation.

What is YOUR favorite lapel takedown?
Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia