GB Technique: Advanced Gi Chokes

This week on GB Technique we are learning some variations of the gi choke with some of the top GB black belt instructors.
This aspect of jiu-jitsu is probably the most significant difference between jiu-jitsu with the kimono and the no-gi training.
There are countless variations of collar chokes that can be explored by the advanced jiu-jitsu student. If you have moved to training in the gi from a no-gi background, you will most likely have discovered that you are vulnerable to being choked with the gi in many different positions!
Let’s take a look at some of the more advanced collar chokes as taught by some of our most experienced GB Professors.
1) The Clock Choke
There are some nice details on how to secure the grip for your Clock Choke. We see this position more often at higher belts as opponents go to turtle to avoid giving up the points for a guard pass.

2) Bow and Arrow Choke variation with Lapel / Estrangulamento partindo da Pegada das Costas
If your opponent is defending their collars, this is a way to get a strong choke and submit your opponent. A must know for those of you who love the Bow and Arrow choke.

3) Baseball Choke from the bottom
Most of us probably learned the Baseball Choke from knee on the belly position. Prof. Magid Hage became known for his tricky setup and finish from the bottom position.

4) Modified Collar Choke from The Mount
It is the details that make this standard Mount cross choke an advanced technique. Prof. Flavio Almeida teaches the key details to maintain the top position while applying the choke.

5) Cross Choke from the knee slice position when passing half guard
World Champion Prof. Romulo Barral shows us how he creates a dilemma for the bottom opponent by threatening the knee slice pass and the collar choke.

Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia