GB Technique: The Inverted Triangle from GB Brasil

This week on GB Technique we are learning some more advanced and lesser known triangle variations from some of the top GB instructors in Brasil.
Most of us think of the triangle from the guard when we picture a triangle choke. In fact, there are many variations and entries beyond the well known standard guard triangle.
If we understand that trapping the opponent’s head and arm inside our legs can be accomplished from any number of positions, then we begin to see triangle opportunities from almost anywhere on the ground.
Let’s take a look at some great entries into the inverted triangle from different positions featuring some Brazilian GB Professors.
1) Inverted Triangle / Ataque do adversário de 4 Apoios – Triângulo Invertido
Attacking the triangle from the Turtle top is actually common in Judo where the competitors often go to Turtle position to avoid being pinned.

2) Inverted Triangle To ArmLock Transition / Transição do Arm Lock para o Triângulo Invertido
When you have a stalled armlock attack, you can use the opportunity to move to an inverted triangle attack.

3) Inverted Triangle To Armlock / triângulo invertido com variação para o arm lock
Trapping your opponent’s arm inside a triangle creates an opening to attack the unprotected arm – Note the triangle prevents the opponent from defending the armlock on the free arm..

4) Inverted Triangle from the Guard / Triângulo Invertido Guarda
GB great Prof. Braulio Estima is perhaps best known for his inverted triangle attack from the guard. Let’s see how to set it up from a guard recovery situation.

5) Rear Triangle from the Back Mount / Triângulo partindo da pegada das Costas
This triangle entry is an underrated way to catch a triangle. Your opponent probably will not even know that they are in triangle danger until your legs are already locked.

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia