GB Technique: Advanced Guard Passing with Prof. Eduardo Carrielo

Probably the number 1 blue belt rolling question we hear might be how to pass the open guard. We have all been frustrated by a guard player who has great control with their hooks and grips. If you can’t pass, you are vulnerable to your opponent’s submissions.
Our featured instructor this week is 4th-degree black belt Prof. Eduardo Carrielo of GB Oval in the UK
Let’s take a look at some open guard passes by Prof Eduardo!
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Toreando / X Pass
Note the grips and movement of Prof Eduardo to get around the defensive legs of the guard player
Open spinning pass to mounted triangle
This is a creative way to use the opponent’s own tension in their legs as leverage to execute the spinning guard pass
Inverted Kimura counter during pass
When you are trying to pressure pass, the guard player can attack the Kimura shoulder lock. Prof Eduardo turns the opponent’s attack against him and counters with a Kimura variation of his own
Lasso / Spider guard pass
Pay attention to how Prof Eduardo brings his knee up to break the opponent’s Spider guard control. A great tool for you to nullify the powerful hook of the guard player
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Writer: Mark Mullen, Gracie Barra Black Belt