Victories of the weekend: GB PAN KIDS 2015

♫ Uh é Gracie Barra Aha Uhu… Uh é Gracie Barra Aha Uhu…! ♫♫ Uh é Gracie Barra Aha Uhu… Uh é Gracie Barra Aha Uhu…! ♫♫ Uh é Gracie Barra Aha Uhu… Uh é Gracie Barra Aha Uhu…! ♫♫ Uh é Gracie Barra Aha Uhu… Uh é Gracie Barra Aha Uhu…! ♫


Over the last Sunday, the Pan American for Kids won a huge attention from all jiu-jitsu schools around the world. The Gracie Barra Kids Team was stronger than ever and all GB Schools were there together watching and vibrating for our little champions.

We are proud to announce a brilliant performance from GB champions at PAN KIDS 2015.

10978708_10155214923475710_578315360429521262_nOur little champions demonstrated their skills. More than 100 soldiers proudly carried the red shield. Although small in size, their efforts yielded big results: 347 points earned second place for the Gracie Barra team.

Pee Wee – Pan Kids 2015: 1st Place – Gracie Barra
Junior – Pan Kids 2015: 1st Place – Gracie Barra
Teen – Pan Kids 2015: 2nd Place – Gracie Barra

It was very inspiring to watch our Future Champions fighting hard defending GB’s red shield last Sunday at IBJJF’s Pan Kids Championships. They showed so much heart and great respect to their parents, coaches and opponents. We watched many kids celebrating victory while others learning how to deal with defeat, but they all did their best and that is what truly counts. Attending tournaments with a mind set of going beyond earning medals, cause a huge impact to their character development. The experiences that they get by surviving and striving under this very intense environment is priceless and it can’t be one hundred percent replicated at the daily practices. They learn how to face their fears, control their emotions, to exercise critical thinking, to fail and learn from it, respect and much more. We won two of the four divisions and we earned the second place overall, but next year I’m confidence that we will win them all!I’m extremely proud to be part of the Gracie Barra team and to see all of the Coaches and Professors united and caring on the legacy of Master Carlos Gracie Jr.  See you guys on March 7th at the GBCompNet!” – Prof. Felipe Guedes – GB San Clemente

Congratulations to all of the GB Future Champions who fought hard, defending the Red Shield and keeping the Legacy Alive. “HARD WORK PAYS OFF” Your team and parents love you!

A special thanks for all GB Instructors, parents and professors who are working hard to make it happen. Congratulations on behalf on Master Carlos Gracie Jr. and the GB Family around the world. 

Check out photos from the event this past weekend:

♫ Uh é Gracie Barra Aha Uhu… Uh é Gracie Barra Aha Uhu…! ♫








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