Healthier Eating – Special Diet Required

One of the most popular questions that budding bjj artists ask is if there is a special diet that will work best for athletes. And if there are, then what are they?


There is a common misconception about diets. Others see diets as a way to lose weight. While the rest of the world sees the practice as a way to shed pounds, top athletes know that keeping a healthy, balanced diet works for their bodies like a charm. And that makes a world of difference in the world of active, competitive sports.

Here are some top athletic nutrition facts:

Carbs aren’t as bad as they seem to be. It’s an athlete’s main source of energy. Sugar that becomes glucose that becomes glycogen for the muscles. How do you balance this out? Bread, cereals, pasta, and fruits will do wonders for muscle storage. Less carbs would provide a lower amount of potential for muscle work.

apple-16890_1280The caveat: heavy training requires carbohydrates.

If you are not a fan of the word diet, may we suggest you shift your entire meal planning to the Gracie Diet. The world famous Gracie Diet consists of having the right combination of foods. Master Carlos Gracie believes that certain food contents counter other foods, making the body less effective in digesting them and under-utilizing food and nutritional benefits. You may read about it here at You may also check our archives for recipes true to the Gracie diet.

Eating Tips

Eating breakfast works best. Think about this, while you sleep, your body uses up energy (keeping the body warm, maintaining blood flow, heart rate, recuperation of muscles etc.). For budding bjj athletes, skipping breakfast should be a big no! It’s your body’s time to replenish nutrients lost while you sleep!

eat-547511_640Combining fruits during meals makes your diet balanced. Remember that big ol’ chart back in grade school with food groups in it? Yes. The food pyramid. Try to recall where fruits lie in the list.

Whole foods are unprocessed! These fruits have yet to undergo chemical preserving. If you can get anything fresh in your diet, you are on your way to good health!

Eating healthy and staying healthy is a choice! If you are serious about making it big in the world of BJJ, I’d suggest you keep it balanced and healthy! Best of luck, young grasshopper.

Nilo Valle Chinilla