How to Be an Effective Coach

This is for the coaches that we have in Gracie Barra. So far, you have done a great job in promoting and spreading the love for the art. Our art. And you have done a monumental job in making sure that our students be who they want to be and bring them where they want to go. Continuous improvement is always the key to our success. And with that, here is an article where we can learn how to constantly improve our game. Our game (for now) is to make sure that our students get the best possible training.


Proper Profiling

13129704143_64d8270537_bThere are are a number of different personalities in BJJ. There is the silent, the brash, the receptive, the logical, the eager, and the passive. Knowing them is the key to learning. For example, if you are dealing with those who seem to be passive, you need to know what they really want to get out of the training. Yes. There are those who sign up and may exhibit behaviors of not being that interested. Their interest could be somewhere between just staying fit or just plain enjoying the idea of being around people.


There is always gold in feedback. And some might take your feedback with a grain of salt, but typically in this business, people won’t. The rationale is almost everyone wants to be the best. The receptiveness of BJJ players (from I’ve noticed in Gracie Barra) is really astounding. Make sure that feedback is useful by making sure that they understand it. Communication also holds the key in giving feedback. Speak softly, keep it light, and don’t forget touching on the human side of things.

Role Modeling

Become a role model to your students. It is critical that we show them how it’s done. And this is not just how it is, but the right way to do it. You cannot teach people by telling them, you can teach them by showing to them the right way to do it. It’s a concept that many educational systems have proven to be successful with. But, knowing Gracie Barra, we are on the right track!

10631099925_b463100003_zUnderstand Their Training Needs

Training needs are not only limited to the techniques and moves, and counters, and positions. It also includes needs outside of training, like making sure the facilities are clean, well-maintained, and are in top shape! Keeping the training environment at its best condition is a key to becoming an effective coach!


Motivation can be external and internal. Needless to say, knowing the right amount of motivation can help you become good in coaching students. You see, motivation pushes people into action. The breeding of ideas that there is an awesome future ahead of them such as becoming healthy is the key! =) Motivate them by letting them know that they can, versus what they cannot do. Push them and challenge them to their limit! Give motivational talks about how you were able to become a coach in GB. You can do it!

Jiu-Jitsu for everyone!