Taking Care of your Mind is Jiu-Jitsu: True friendship is found on the mats

Tying the belt and wearing the kimono for the very first time in your life may be a step towards a great transformation that jiu-jitsu will bring to you. After the sport gained popularity, many people began to get curious and willing to learn those “clinging” blows from the UFC (Ultimate Fight Championship), while others simply realized that wearing the kimono would be a great alternative way to get a healthier life.


Over the course of the first classes, with the first techniques fresh in your mind, something different happens and starts stimulating you even more for the upcoming trainings. Being there on the mat, learning and meeting new people becomes much more special.

“Give all your friends the feeling that they do have value.” — Grandmaster Carlos Gracie

Degrees will be reflected in your belt; it changes color and suddenly you realize your life completely changed as well. Those who once were only instructors or training colleagues now have gained a new value: They are your brothers.

amizade_1Directly or indirectly, you also learned how to see in the happiness of a fellow colleague, the reason for your own satisfaction. Bad days now are ending well. The good ones are ending with a flourish.

The jiu-jitsu brings to people’s lives a new meaning, a new value. You do not only learn how to defend yourself or to lose some extra pounds. Since the origin of the gentle art, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu creator’s father, Grand Master Carlos Gracie, would teach, “Give all your friends the feeling that they do have value.”

It was by adding value to our training colleagues within the GB mats that we made this family grow so immensely. Thanks to the brotherhood spirit that we built up during all these years, nowadays, wherever a GB warrior arrives, there will always be a brother to give him a hand.