GB Learning: Single Leg Counter Attack

We all have fallen into this pit. The single leg take down is one of the most effective way of taking your opponent to the ground and gaining that sweet 2-point advantage against your opponent, or your opponent gaining it instead.

The single leg is a common attack. And almost all BJJ enthusiasts know how to execute it, and not everybody knows how to counter it or when someone tries to counter the counter. There are variations of the attack, but not everybody knows the counter to a counter… or at least anything aside from the typical sprawl.

In this video, you will learn a rather advance counter against the single leg takedown. Counter intuitive to any single leg takedown is to give your leg. However, in this set up, when your opponent tries to counter your single leg take down, you can sway them into executing an attack that is to counter his initial reaction of giving his leg towards you, and end it with a hip throw. Sounds fun?

Now, the key to this counter is to make your opponent think that you are committing to the attack, then misdirect it by throwing in a step towards his side, then positioning your hips in the right spot for an explosive throw!

Need to see more? Watch the YouTube video!