GB Technique : The Closed Guard

This week on Gracie Barra Blog we are looking at a variety of techniques and strategies from the closed guard.

The closed guard is where we typically start learning about the guard in jiu-jitsu, but it is not only a white belt position. Multi World Champion Roger Gracie loves the closed guard and has experienced great success with a seemingly basic closed guard game at the elite level.

Perhaps no position in jiu-jitsu features as many options as closed guard: we can sweep, choke, arm lock, wrist lock and take the back.

Let’s take a look at some closed guard techniques with some of the top Gracie Barra black belt instructors.


1) Closed Guard Retention Strategies

The best place to start with studying the closed guard is how do we maintain the closed guard and prevent our opponent from getting posture and starting to open our legs to pass.

2) Wrist Lock and Key Lock from Closed Guard

The IBJJF rules allow wrist locks for adult white belts and this is a solid way for you to look to incorporate wrist locks into your jiu-jitsu game.


3) Sweep when Opponent Tries To Pass Standing

Prof. Kayron Gracie (the son of Master Carlos Gracie Jr.) shows one of the best sweeps to use when your opponent stands in your closed guard. Note the detail of how Kayron uses his hips on the opponent’s knee to break the balance.


4) Take The Back from Closed Guard / Pegando as costas á partir da Guarda fechada

After watching Roger Gracie use this technique so successfully, it became one of my favorite moves from closed guard. See Prof. Carlo’s grip breaking details.


5) Closed Guard Attack Combination / Sequência de ataques da guarda fechada

This is a classic submission combination : choke to armlock as taught by Prof. Joelson from Gracie Barra Matriz in Rio de Janeiro.


What is YOUR favorite technique from the closed guard?


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Credits: Mark Mullen 

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