GB Techniques: The North South Position

This week Gracie Barra Techniques brings you some videos on the North South position.
The North South position is a very secure hold down to control a larger, stronger opponent. If you can secure your proper grips and apply your bodyweight, escape for your opponent is very difficult!

It is however, less straightfroward to get a submission from the North South. Here are some ideas for you to attack starting and finsihing in the North South position.

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1) North South Kimura 
Professor Reggie (Reginaldo) Almeida shows how to apply the Kimura from North South control.
From Gracie Barra Cool Springs, this might be the number attack you can look for from North South position.

2) Choke From North South using the Belt

3) Submission from North South Transition / Finalização partindo da Transição p/ Norte e Sul
Check out this tricky variation on the Kimura shoulder lock where you “Lion Kill” your arms to make the lock.

4) Lapel Strangle finishing in North South / Estrangulamento de Lapela nos 100 Kilos
Professora Luzia Fernandes of GB Gracie Barra Cuiabá shows a choke starting in siode control that you finish in North South

5) North South Choke, The “Z” Choke
Coach Greg Fernandes of Gracie Barra Novi demonstrates what he calls the “Z” Choke

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Saigon, Vietnam
Twitter: @MarkMullenBJJ