GB Technique : Open Guard Sweeps


Last week on Gracie Barra Blog we showed closed guard sweeps:

GB Learning : Closed Guard Sweeps

GB Learning : Closed Guard Sweeps

This week we are taking a look at sweeping techniques from different open guard styles.

Having a strong open guard is the characteristic of intermediate and advanced jiu-jitsu. Smaller players especially are adept at using the strength and dexterity of their legs to defend and ultimately sweep their larger opponents.

One might say that in many closely contested competition matches, the 2 points from a sweep is the most common way to win by points. The number of open guard sweep variations is seemingly without limit, but this week we are going to show you some creative variations and some classics that are sure to work for your open guard game.

Let’s take a look at some open guard sweep techniques with some of the top Gracie Barra black belt instructors.

1) Butterfly Guard Sweep

The Butterfly Guard is especially effective for jiu-jitsu players who like their jiu-jitsu to work in both gi and no-gi situations. Prof. Flavio shows the basic sweep from which there are many variations.

2) Butterfly Guard Sweep Variation / VARIAÇÃO DE RASPAGEM GUARDA DE GANCHO

This sweep works beautifully with the previous Butterfly Guard sweep. When your experienced opponent counters your initial technique, you flow immediately to this next sweep. This is jiu-jitsu!

3) Lasso Spider Guard sweep / RASPAGEM DA GUARDA LAÇO

Prof. Carlos Liberi shows a sweep that is especially effective for smaller players. Using both legs to break the opponent’s balance is an efficient way to use your physical strength even against a heavier opponent.

4) Lapel Secured DLR (De La Riva) To Berimbolo

Love it or hate it, the Berimbolo sweep to back take is essential to understand in competition jiu-jitsu. Prof. Flavio Almeida teaches a variation using the lapel.

5) Spider Guard sweeps / Raspagem Partindo da Guarda Aranha

Professors “Lagarto” and Jefferson team up to show you some advanced Spider Guard techniques for getting underneath your opponent and sweeping them.


What is YOUR favorite open guard sweep technique?


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Credits: Mark Mullen 

Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia