GB Learning : Straight Arm Lock Variations

This week on Gracie Barra Blog we are going see some of the variations of straight arm lock that are outside of the basic straight arm lock from mount that we first learn in Fundamentals.

Over the decades that jiu-jitsu has been developed and innovated in academies in Brazil and all over the world, the best minds have come up with some very creative and effective ways to lock the elbow joint of an opponent.

Let’s see some of the creative variations of the arm lock as taught by Gracie Barra instructors.

1) Closed guard arm lock with details / Arm lock + variação (partindo da guarda fechada)
Most new students first learn a simplified version of the armlock from the guard. This more advanced variation by Prof. Daniel “BZ” first traps the opponent’s shoulder before moving the second leg across to finish the arm lock.

2) Arm Lock from Guard Recounter / Variação do Armlock partindo da Guarda Fechada
A recounter is when you change to a different technique in response to your opponent countering your original attack.
This armlock is a great recounter to your opponent countering your initial arm lock attack.

3) Mount Variation to Arm Lock / Montada Peão
Prof. Alisson Ferraz teaches this mount variation that places BIG pressure on the bottom guy. Note the under the armpit grip variation that is a very powerful leverage.

4)Arm Lock from Inverted Triangle
Prof. Lucio “Charlie Brown” shows the method that many arm locks are caught: when your opponent is defending your triangle and the arm is vulnerable.

5) Arm Drag grip arm lock from back transition / Armlock partindo da pegada nas costas
Prof. “Samuka” Samuel Nascimento shows how he catches the arm lock after losing the rear mount. Note the cross grip similar to a wrestling arm drag.

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia
Instagram: markmullen.bjj