The Basics Of Jiu-jitsu With Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

The Basics Of Jiu-jitsu With Master Carlos Gracie Jr.
Anyone who follows Instagram Bjj accounts will everyday see many different and mostly advanced jiu-jitsu techniques, some of which look incredible and require multiple viewings just to understand what just happened!
These advanced techniques demonstrate the creativity and limitless possibilities of movement of jiu-jitsu that can inspire our imaginations and get us excited about going to the Gracie Barra School.
Yet our experienced instructor may not be quite as enthusiastic about the “double reverse Kiss of the Dragon sweep to Gogoplata” as the new jiu-jitsu student. Our Professor instead wants us to practice the basic techniques. Why?
Because the foundation of your jiu-jitsu (or any worthwhile skill!) will always be the basics. The fundamental techniques that are tried and true. Proven to be effective over decades of testing in academies and the mats of competition in every part of the world.
When we watch high-level black belts in competition, which submissions do we see are proven successful? It is rarely some fancy technique that the jiu-jitsu world has never seen before. Collar chokes from back mount, straight arm locks, and triangle chokes dominate the submission statistics. In short…the basics WORK whether you are a new white belt or a seasoned black belt competitor.
Master Carlos Gracie Jr. is a firm believer in the value of mastering the basics in your jiu-jitsu for a number of reasons.

“At first repetition is what counts”, says Master Carlos Gracie Jr. “I teach my students to repeat the moves to exhaustion, until it enters their subconscious and they therefore can apply them automatically, without thinking. Later on, once the combat situations have become complex I try and stimulate them to be creative.”

The message here for jiu-jitsu students is that we should first master the basic techniques to form the foundation of our jiu-jitsu, from which we can later employ our creativity and explore the more advanced techniques. But it all must start on the foundation of solid basics.
Another point to consider is that while some of the more advanced sport jiu-jitsu positions require youthful physical attributes, the basic techniques work for ALL jiu-jitsu students. Regardless of your age, experience or relative physical fitness, the basic techniques will be the key to your longevity in jiu-jitsu.
Master Carlos says “I don’t get this obsession with all of the acrobatic guards. They are efficient, sure. But they’re fleeting. Your body has difficulty understanding them for too long. I say this from my own experience. The lumbar region, for example, as strong as it may be, will never be armored against the passage of time. Jiu-Jitsu is for your whole lifetime, and by that line of reasoning you can rest assured that the basic techniques like the closed guard or this open guard I enjoy doing, will never abandon us. At 70 we’ll still be capable of performing them with plenty of mobility. That can’t be said of the tornado guard or the berimbolo.”
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