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Gracie Barra Fundamentals 2.0 has Arrived!

Now Available in the Apple Apps Store. Get Yours Today!

Now you can stay connected from anywhere! Do you sometimes feel like you’re too busy to train? Gracie Barra has gone mobile and is now offering 4 exciting apps available in the itunes store for download. Carlos Gracie Jr. and his team have developed a new curriculum that allows students to take their techniques anywhere they go.

Carlos Gracie Jr. and his team have created Fundamentals 2.0, which is led by Marcio Feitosa and Ricardo Almeida.  The curriculum includes 16 weeks of training with each app containing 4 weeks of captivating lessons to help you develop your Jiu-Jitsu training on the go. Marcio Feitosa is a 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt, an 8 time World Championship Finalist, and a 6 time Pan American Champion.  Ricardo is a veteran of the UFC and Pride fighting Champion and is a 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt.

Each technique is filmed from a variety of angles with voice over explanations.  Slow motion and real time allows the student to remember the techniques to ensure an accelerated learning process.

Apps 1&2 are $14.99
Apps 3&4 are $9.99

App 1:
App 2:
App 3:
App 4:

What are you waiting for? Download your app today and train on the go!

17 responses to “Gracie Barra Fundamentals 2.0 has Arrived!”

  1. nilo says:

    this is great. i hope the android version comes out too!

  2. Jim says:

    When will the dvd version be released?

    • anthonygb72 says:

      Hi Jim. The app won’t be available for DVD, but there will be an “on-demand” version available soon, which will allow you to stream everything to your computer or other mobile device.

      • Jim says:

        okay, wil it EVER be released on DVD… I just don’t want to buy twice. Will the on-demand version be a one time price or subscription? And does soon mean before the end of the year?

        • anthonygb72 says:

          Hi Jim, It’s not going to be released on DVD. The on-demand version is a one time price and once you purchase it you can watch it as many times as you want. The on-demand version will be available in about 1 month.

          • Jim says:

            Today marks that month… is the on demand version available now?

          • gb.reporter72 says:

            As of now, we have yet to receive word from our Gracie Barra developers about the on-demand version. We’ll sure to give you an update. Thank you for your patience.

          • anthonygb72 says:

            Hi Jim! The first 8 weeks are now available. You can watch each week of the Gracie Barra Fundamentals, “On Demand” for $2.99 unlimited viewing. If you don’t have the iPhone or iPad app you can watch on your computer or Android device. Check it out!


  3. Piotr says:

    +1 for android version !

  4. Andre says:

    Android Pleeeeeease.

  5. Matt says:

    Great series, we will reviewing and mapping it out on the blog later this month.

  6. Our review and mindmap of the first two weeks is available at:

    This is the first of an 8 part series that will cover the entire set.

    BTW, the on-demand feature will work with all mobile devices and your PC. If you go to the BJJ Legends Facebook site and “Share” the post about this article we’ll enter you to win 3 months access to the On-demand content.


  7. Horst says:

    Android App would be highly appreciated!

  8. Luis says:

    Glad to see GRACIE BARRA including more of the Self Defense Jiu-Jitsu in it! Self defense is the main reason why I joined a Jiu-Jitsu Academy! Keep on bringing that Street Realness in it! OSS!
    Gracie Barrra Equipe!

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