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A Creative Triangle Choke Set Up Courtesy of Marco Joca

 A Creative Triangle Choke Set Up Courtesy of Marco Joca


Triangle Set-up Using Belt Control

For those who missed the  Seattle Competition training that happened last month, here’s a video of Professor Marco Joca’s variation set-up of a triangle choke by controlling the opponent’s belt.

Basically triangle choke  is a type of choke hold which uses a figure-four lock which aims to constrict the opponent’s blood flow to the brain. Typically, this is a choke hold that is executed best right from the guard position. The goal of this choke is to keep opponents from moving by encircling the head and an arm using a figure-four position of the legs. Eventually, if an opponent is caught in this position and refuses to tap, it can cause the opponent to pass out. The physiology is all about constricting oxygen to the brain.

The triangle choke is often seen as a counter attack, since its being executed from the ground, which is a defensive position.


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